It's difficult to help people when they don't want your help.

She looked him right in the eye.

The new law will bring about important changes in the educational system.

Clyde said, "You can kiss your girlfriend goodbye if you don't kiss her goodbye." which meant "If you don't kiss your girlfriend goodbye, then you'll never see her again."

Notwithstanding the objections made by some of the corporations party to this arbitration, the committee has decided to remunerate the victims of the accident, as well as cover any medical expenses they may incur.

I'd like to be self-employed.

Lunch will be served.

He spoke justly and modestly. He spoke about Schleyer, an earlier pioneer of the world-language idea.

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Raj did it the way I told him to.

Hui is doing well on the farm.

I thought Hilda would want to help me.

I like to leave unattended baggage at international airports and railway stations.

Do you want to see me do it again?

Courtney was sitting on the couch with Shean watching TV.

I want to play tennis with Judy.

He's coming home from Sydney today.

My work keeps me busy.

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A cold bath refreshed him.

Words cannot describe it.

Somebody's going to get hurt.

He is holding up her work.

I shouldn't have yelled at him.

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Carisa used to be a good student.


They could not prove their charges.

The merchant's wife sent Vasilissa into the forest each day, hoping she might meet the old witch and be devoured.

In a plain area, how many mass of soil should be removed to make a half hole?


How did you hurt your arm?


They wanted to build one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.


I can't deal with this now.

She stood up to answer the phone.

Make it stop.


I had to walk all the way here.

Is that uncommon?

Hank obviously hates me.


Chocolate makes Monday a little bit bearable.

She restrained tears with difficulty.

My younger brother went to school.

Do you remember the time we went to Boston together?

A new road is under construction.

Why do you want to make your boyfriend jealous?

I think that's what Serdar was trying to tell me.

The temperature is lower than usual.

It was hard for me to refuse his request.

Miltos is now older and wiser.

You're the tallest person here.

I don't care if she's Catholic, Buddhist or Muslim. All I care is her friendship.

A dog's sense of smell is much keener than a human's.

I'm glad you're here.

I don't want to live in Boston.

Do you own a pair of ice skates?

You don't have to do this for me.

Dave is currently not working here.

When and where did the war break out?

I can deliver that to you.

The newborn chicks still have not opened their eyes.

Susanne was beaten black and blue.

That's the man I mean.

Louise thinks that I did that on purpose.

This is the same necklace that I lost yesterday.

None but the brave deserve the fair.

Help us, Julia.

Kyle goes to bed after midnight.

I'll see her tonight.

We're better.

What do you want to do that for?

I crossed the equator for the first time on my trip to Australia.

Erick doesn't have to believe me.


Isn't it about time to go home?

If you heat ice, it melts.

I'm the same age as Manny.


I'm going to be straight with you.

Neither was right.

Eva told me you might be calling.


Axel said he'd never been in a motorboat.

The weight of aluminium in the Earth's crust corresponds to 8.13% of the total weight.

That's why I need your help.

The chili burnt my tongue.

We found a beam of light in the night sky.

The band featured Andrew on guitar, Guido on bass guitar and vocals, John on drums, and Alice on keyboards.

Noam might get sick.

Piercarlo didn't like the answer that Diane gave him.

Hats are the secret to money.

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If he should come in my absence, please ask him to wait until I come back.

My uncle Bob fixed my clock and now it tells the time correctly.

Rapunzel had magnificent long hair, fine as spun gold, and when she heard the voice of the enchantress she unfastened her braided tresses, wound them round one of the hooks of the window above, and then the hair fell twenty ells down, and the enchantress climbed up by it.

I wish I had obeyed his directions.

Irving doesn't usually do this kind of thing.


We haven't done enough.

He bought some chocolate for her.

The battalion surrendered to the enemy.

Randy is a smart kid.

I'm glad the guys who broke into your house got caught.

I've learned a lot.

Let me say goodbye to Amigo.

I believe we have all the particulars.

Why haven't you asked for my help?

Why isn't there any food in my refrigerator?

May I have a cup of tea?

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He reached for the pistol.

I had never seen a real elephant.

I made my dog lie down.

Space thought that Jean-Pierre wouldn't forgive him.

Steady the boat so we can get on safely.

Technological innovation is essential for reducing the cost of current mitigation technologies, leading to the invention and dissemination of new zero and low-carbon technologies and enhancing the capacity of countries to reduce their emissions.

It's not quite certain.

Did someone tell you that?

You have hung up the laundry.

I didn't want to scare you.

Never mind that. More importantly, if we don't go soon the time-limited sales will finish.


This is just between you and me, he is a big eater.


I'll make a thorough investigation.


Francis picked a fight with me.

Oops, I farted again!

If Boyd doesn't go, I won't go either.

Would you be able to write down the link to the site?

I feel her pain.


Do you like me?

Can you come over and talk?

What did Bell invent?

He was made to go there.

I hope for your success.

We made an appeal for support.

I'm curious about one thing.


Why don't you just admit that you're wrong?

I regret that I can't come today.

Her illness is without a cure.

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I have the feeling that I've been here before.


Stewart wasn't happy to see me.

What was Pratt's plan?

He didn't look happy.

Go tell him to get ready.

Horst was panting.

He is always finding fault with others.

I wasn't looking for them.

Tatoeba Day is now over.

It was very distressing.

Your wrongdoing is a disgrace to our school.

It was chilly.

Vicky just went nuts.

One can't do more than one thing at a time.

I tried to break the door open, which I found impossible.

Sharks are infamous for their blood thirsty natures.


I don't think that would bother Tahsin too much.

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Teruyuki told me that he thought Boston wasn't as safe as it used to be.

It's my turn now.

Angus, an 11-year-old girl, can speak three languages.

You won't have to work here any longer.

Rajeev wanted Valeria to forgive John for what he had done.

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He doesn't stand a chance.

No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to finish that in a day.

The building was heavily damaged by fire.

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Nothing is going his way.


It depends on how much money you have.


So, how did you like it?

She sells shoes.

Prices have gone down.

It can hardly be called research... just an amateur's hobby, I'm ashamed to say.

There was a heavy rain yesterday.


I have a desire to be wealthy.


There is trouble brewing.


Dating a much younger girl wasn't a problem for him.

Do you enjoy living like that?

You have no idea how distressed she was.

The trip was very informative.

It looks exactly like mine.

Everyone has his own treasure.

Panacea isn't going to mind.

Hugh, Arnold already has a boyfriend.

This isn't Mandarin, it's Shanghainese.